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5.0 out of 5 stars A valuable addition to family and school libraries, January 20, 2015
This review is from: Magical Matthew (Paperback)
Magical Matthew by Penelope Cole

Matthew is a lot like other boys: His home is bustling with activity, he plays with toys and goes on lots of adventures with his best friend. He has a little sister, a strong bond with his grandmother, and busy parents. He is a lot like other boys with two exceptions.

He has a secret magical gift. When something breaks, all he has to do is wish it fixed: toys, watches, a favorite pen, a flat tire. But no matter how hard he tries, his magic can't fix his best friend Lily's legs.

Matthew's best friend is a girl who needs a wheelchair to get around. But this doesn't stop the two pals from embarking on many adventures. Author and teacher Penelope Cole portrays Lily as a strong, spirited girl who shares both a love of adventure and helping people with Matthew. Although in the beginning of the story, Matthew tries to fix Lily's legs, the story does not emphasize her disability. Instead, it shows how Lily is just like other kids.

When Lily begins to suspect Matthew's ability, he becomes worried. Can he trust her with his secret?

When his magical abilities begin to change, Matthew discovers the value of teamwork to make things better for people. The story ends with a cute surprise that leads to the second book, Magical Mea.

Kevin Scott Collier's vivid illustrations will keep kids entertained. Young children will relate to this charming story. Magical Matthew is a great book that celebrates diversity, friendship, good citizenship, teamwork, and solving problems. It's a valuable addition to family and school libraries.

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See Two Great New ReviewsUup on Amazon!

 Dear Readers,
There are two new reviews up on Amazon for Magical Matthew:  One is from a student:
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5.0 out of 5 stars Magical Matthew is a wonderful story about a magical boy and his friend in ..., August 18, 2014
This review is from: Magical Matthew (Hardcover)
Magical Matthew is a wonderful story about a magical boy and his friend in a wheel chair. I love the positive message that this book delivers. I think this is an excellent book for elementary children. Easy read for them with a kind and caring story.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable book, July 18, 2014
This review is from: Magical Matthew (Paperback)
The author Penelope Anne Cole wrote a fiction book called Magical Matthew which took place in Matthew's house, the park and Lily's house. Matthew, Lily and his grandmother are the main characters, Matthew, Lily and grandmother worked together to solve the problem. Matthew wants to keep his magic power a secret. But Lily finds out. He asked his grandmother and makes his own decision to tell Lily. Then they fix stuff together. Then one day he loses his power to fix stuff and he is sad. Then he goes to tell Lily that they could fix stuff but they would need help from their friends.

I like it when he uses the magic for good.

Kieran - aged 10
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Two New Reviews of "Magical Matthew" and "Magical Mea:

I'm pleased to share two Amazon reviews by Donna McDine of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea:
5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming story of positive self-image and acceptance, June 24, 2014
This review is from: Magical Matthew (Hardcover)
The world through the eyes of a child is a special time. They are untainted by the misgivings of the world and have the unique knack of visualizing their surroundings in a positive manner. Young Matthew ha a secret, one he feels must remain secret. He has the uncanny magical ability to fix broken objects by just thinking them fixed. His best friend, Lily, suspects something but can’t quite put her finger on it. Does Matthew lift the burden of his secret and tell Lily or should he keep it to himself? Discover the outcome by reading Magical Matthew.

Award-winning children’s author, Penelope Anne Cole brings forth a . The imaginative illustrations by Kevin Collier make the story come alive before your eyes. Magical Matthew is a must have for homes with young children.

5.0 out of 5 stars The importance of listening to others with more life experience, June 24, 2014
This review is from: Magical Mea (Paperback)
Sisters can be mischievous and Mea is no exception when she takes her antics to a new level. Having obtained magical powers to fix things with her mind, Mea turned the wheels to cause chaos of hiding items instead. Ignoring her old brother Matthew’s steadfast warnings of her magical powers, Mea insists to do things her way. Matthew’s every growing frustration with Mea escalates when Mea goes off alone to most likely create havoc throughout the neighborhood. Will Matthew and his best friend, Lily, find Mea in time before she causes irreparable damage. Find out in Magical Mea by award-winning children’s author, Penelope Anne Cole.

Ms. Cole’s second book in the magical series teaches a valuable lesson to not only Mea, but to the reader of the importance of listening to others with more life experience and destructive decisions often conclude with disastrous results. Illustrator, Kevin Collier once again creates the quirky characters that have become the trademark of Ms. Cole’s Magical Matthew and Magical Mea series.
Thanks to Donna and many other wonderful reviewers who keep giving my books such lovely reviews!
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Great new review on Amazon

Here's another lovely review for Magical Matthew:

5.0 out of 5 stars 5 Stars for Magical Matthew, June 17, 2014
This review is from: Magical Matthew (Hardcover)
Magical Matthew, by Penelope Anne Cole, is a darling story especially suited for kids ages 4-9. Most kids (and some adults like me) wish for magical powers, so Matthew will certainly resonate with many. Matthew uses his magic for good by fixing things. He keeps his gift a secret, until he feels he can't, and shows with his actions how helping others and doing good deeds brings a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. What a great lesson for all! Magical Matthew also demonstrates the strong bonds of friendship and the value it has in the lives of children. Kevin Collier's illustrations are terrific and really enhance the reader's experience. I highly recommend Magical Matthew. It will not disappoint kids, parents and teachers alike.


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Magical Matthew and Magical Mea win more awards!

I received a lovely surprise in my inbox from Creative Child Magazine:  My two Magical books won awards in the 2014 award program:

Magical Mea Book
Kids Positive Learning Story Books category

Magical Matthew Book
Kids Positive Learning Story Books category


Magical Mea Book & Magical Matthew Book
Fiction Books for Kids.

This is great good news and keeps me plugging on with more books and more outreach. 

Reading is magical!

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My Virtual Book Blog Tour this week, Feb. 3-5 with the National Writing for Children Center

My virtual blog book tour for Magical Matthew starts today.  

Here's the first stop, if you can stop by and comment:

There are interviews and background about my book and the next books in my Magical series: 

Magical Mea
Magical Mea Goes to School, and
Magical M and M

Plus my Halloween book, Ten Little Tricksters, coming later this year.