Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Readers' Favorite Five-Star Book Review

There's a 5-Star Review of Magical Matthew up on Readers' Favorite:

Book Review
Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

Matthew had magical powers but he couldn’t understand why. But then he started liking his magic and decided to keep the secret to himself because he didn’t know what people would think. And it was when he was with his friend who was in a wheel chair that he found out he could only fix things, not people. But will Matthew always have his magical powers to fix anything that is broken? Find out in this really cute new book by Penelope Anne Cole.

What a cute story and and what sweet imagination! All kids like to think with their magic mind at one time or another, and Matthew’s story is a reminder of this. And I love the special sweet relationship Matthew has with his friend in the wheel chair, one that is strong enough that he confides in her, and they go through the neighborhood together trying to find things that need to be fixed. But after a while, the time comes for Matthew to realize that his powers are just magical and no longer work. What will happen to Matthew now that he can’t fix things as he wants? I highly recommend this wonderful story about Matthew. Your children will certainly listen to this story in awe of the magic of the pages. And they will also enjoy the awesome illustrations that fit so well with the story, helping to bring the pages to life as they hear the words. You will not be disappointed with this little book!


There are other 5-Star Reviews up on Amazon.com.

Also, the hard cover edition of Magical Matthew is now on sale at Amazon for 64% off (ten at this price).  This is a perfect opportunity to get this sweet book at a great savings in time for April's Earth Day and gifts:


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