Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Review of Magical Matthew! By Susan Hornbach

Magical Matthew
Magical Matthew is an entertaining story that will draw children into the yarn.  As they read they will find themselves wanting to acquire Matthew’s abilities.  This child has a special uniqueness that brings help to others.  Matthew enjoys making others happy with his unique powers, but finds he does have some limitations when trying to help his friend.  Matthew finds disappointment in what he thinks he has lost, but then realizes new gifts he does possess. His special new gifts reflect in the older boy he has become.  

The story has a bit of a twist and surprise that involves Matthew’s baby sister.  This is a wonderful book for children of many ages, as it is a fun read for younger children, as well as children a bit older.  The story reflects how a child can feel secure in telling an adult a secret, and also how things can change as they grow older.  It shows a child, that growing up does not mean you lose what you had as a younger child, but that you have found new treasures to add to your already beautiful and unique you.

Magical Matthew will not disappoint, and would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library. The author Penelope Anne Cole, has included in her creative story, valuable life lessons to help children trust in those who love them, and to move smoothly to their next level in life.  The illustrations by Kevin Collier are colorful, expressive to the story in detail, and will certainly engage children to an enjoyable read.  Magical Matthew shows love in all his actions.  This book is a keeper with five *****

Magical Matthew was reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature:

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