Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review of Magical Matthew by Stacey Marshall

Penelope Anne Cole’s Magical Matthew is a wonderful story about a boy with a secret magical power—the ability to fix anything from broken toys to flat tires.  However, he doesn’t fix things in the typical way.  He simply wishes them repaired, and they become “like new again.”    Matthew’s only dilemma is that he doesn’t know if he should reveal his unique, magical gift to anyone, namely to his friend Lily.

Much to Matthew’s disappointment, Lily, his good friend and wheelchair-bound neighbor, is not “fixable.”  As much as he wishes for her to be well, his magic will not work on his friend.  However, Lily seems to cherish Matthew’s friendship and his ability to repair her things.  As the two spend time together, Matthew must decide if he should reveal the secret way he fixes things to his friend.  Then, one day, everything in Matthew’s world drastically changes… 

Penelope Cole’s story will grab the readers’ hearts and keep them wondering what will happen next.   Kevin Collier’s delightful illustrations compliment the text beautifully, bringing the magical story to life.  But Magical Matthew is more than just a story about magic.  It’s also a story about friendship, empathy, and kind deeds.  Between the clever tale, including catchy verses, and the colorful illustrations, the reader will be engaged from start to finish.  This book is a great read for both children and parents and will leave a smile on the face of every reader.

-Stacey Marshall, Author of Captain Courage and the Fear-Squishing Shoes 
Available from www.guardianangelpublishing.com/captain-courage1.htm

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